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Father: Stephen WELLER
Mother: Sarah BRION
Born: 1858
= Married  =
on: 1884
at: Wycombe
Born: 1861
Children:   |
Marjorie A
Born: 1886
Brion Wyatt
Born: 1891

Further information for Edwin WELLER.

Birth place: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.
Profession: Chair Manufacturer's Manager.
Domiciles: 'Langdale,' Priory Avenue, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.


The first Methodist Chapel in West Wycombe was built in 1815, near the Church Loft. At its Centenary Thanksgiving the Chairman was Edwin Weller, who was an 'accredited preacher' from 1920 until his death in 1938. By the 1890's a larger chapel was needed, so in 1894 some 17th. century cottages in the High Street were demolished and a new chapel built. Most of the wood panelling and furniture came from North's; some of the locals called it 'Bennie North's chapel'. In 1910 B.S.North was treasurer, steward, organist and choirmaster. He was a preacher from 1876 to 1921, as his father had been from 1860 to 1875, when he died. Edwin Weller was secretary. John Busby, who married Stephen 2nd.'s daughter Mary, also was a preacher, 1863-1904. In 1885 Stephen Weller (snr. I think) was a trustee for chapels at High Wycombe, Winchmore Hill, Wooburn, Prestwood, and Flackwell Heath Chapel and School. and at Victoria Street, High Wycombe, Stephen jnr. and Ben North jnr. also were trustees. The two Stephens, Edwin, and John Busby, were 'poor stewards' or 'receivers' at various times.

EdwinWeller(1858)1.jpg (14395 bytes)
Edwin Weller when he had just started at Grammar School
EdwinWeller(1858)2.jpg (7390 bytes)

The Priory Road Chapel (known as 'Wesley') was opened on July 12th.1866. By the end of the l9th. century Wesley was a "fashionable" church, supported by pillars of local society. A former member said "It was an elite church in those days as a number of chair factory owners and their wives were members, together with other well - known people in the town. Most of Priory Road and Priory Avenue went there and this was the monied area at the time." Another remarked that on Sunday evenings the gallery was full of the furniture firms' employees, who were present for two reasons- it was important to be seen at church by one's employer, also the fire at home could be put out to save fuel!

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