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Maurice Adams WELLER
Father: Stephen WELLER
Mother: Emma Jane ADAMS
Born: 1904-08-04
Died: 1972-12-23 (aged 68 years)
Buried: Died: Meadow View, Hightae, Dumfriesshire. Cremated in Glasgow.
= Married  =
on: 1926-03-16
Alice Evelyn Sybil LEE
Father: Herbert LEE
Born: 1905-03-16
Died: 1975-06-01 (aged 70 years)
Buried: Cremated in Chesterfield.
Children:   |
Born: 19xx
Maurice Barrie
Born: 1929-05-21
Died: 2020-03-27
Born: 1937-06-04
Died: 2006-06-12
D M.
Born: 19xx

Further information for Maurice Adams WELLER.

Profession: Army Corporal. Post Office Clerk.
Domiciles: Revolution House, Chesterfield. Whittington Moor. 17 Bismarckring, Wiesbaden, Germany. East Knighton. Bovington. Baslow. Ceylon. Catterick. USA. Stirling, Scotland


MauriceWeller@1944.jpg (5611 bytes)
Maurice Weller, Montreal, February 1944.

[FROM Dianna] I remember this picture well. It WAS "Daddy" for me all through the war. I kissed the photo goodnight on my way to bed, every night. Barbara tells me he came home on visits. I recall one: I slept in a cot beside Mother''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s bed & awoke to see a man beside her. My brothers and sister came rushing in and clambered all over him. At length I climbed out of my cot and joined the fray only to be ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''prickled'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' most painfully! As far as I recall I would have nothing more to do with stranger, telling my friends there was a German in our house! My next memory is years later when I was looking out the bedroom window most eagerly and hurtled through the bedroom door straight into the chest of drawers, smashing my doll''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s head against a drawer knob and running down in tears to be hugged by Dad and given a new doll. No German enemy this time. Just the Daddy I adored from that day on. Thank you for the memories. A lovely photo. Best Dad in the world.[DIANNA]

AliceWeller@1944.jpg (4328 bytes)
Alice Evelyn Sybil Weller, 1944
MauriceWeller@1924.jpg (6242 bytes)
Maurice and Lalla, about 1924
AliceWeller@1924.jpg (7973 bytes)
MauriceWeller@~192x(1).jpg (26703 bytes) MauriceWeller@~192x(2).jpg (11939 bytes)
MauriceWeller@~192x(3).jpg (11348 bytes) MauriceWeller@1923.jpg (6571 bytes)
SiblingsOfStephen&EmmaWeller@1918.jpg (10028 bytes)
Arthur, Maurice
Joyce, EmmaJane (Mother), Cyril
At Whittlington Moor, 1918
Joyce&RalphWeller@1913.jpg (13544 bytes)
Joyce and Ralph, 19134



Arthur&Cylil&Mourice@~1907.jpg (12174 bytes)

Arthur, Cyril & Maurice,1907-8

MauriceWeller@1904.jpg (9983 bytes)

Maurice, 1904

Maurice suffered from dementia in later life and was forced to retire early. Lala (his wife''''s nickname) moved them to Hightae and nursed him through the remaining years of his long illness. He died in her arms at Christmas. Lala wrote to her family in January because she not want to spoil Christmas for them.

Maurice''''s wishes were for his body to be used for medical research which is why his remains were cremated in Glasgow.

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