The WELLER family tree

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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedBuried
Richard Weller
Thomas Wheler Bap:1545-10-26
William Weller 1585-10-10 1648
Wyllyam Weller 1612-09-10 Warborough
John Weller 1640-04-28 1728
Thomas Weller 1689-02-24 Roke Thatcher 1753
William Weller Bap:1727-11-05 NewingtonHigh Wycombe & Amersham Maltster in High Wycombe. Foun 1802-03-31St Mary`s, Amersham, England.
Thomas Weller 1761 High WycombeChepping Wycombe Butcher 1823Penn churchyard.
John Weller 1802 Penn, Buckinghamshire, EnglandChepping Wycombe, Bucks & Kang Cabinet maker 1883-08-27Melbourne, Australia.
John Weller 1840 EnglandKangaroo Ground, Victoria

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