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George Weller
Father: Joseph Weller
Mother: Mary Brooks
Born: 1805-12-26
Died: 1875-04-13 (aged 70 years)
Buried: East Maitland, Australia.
= Married  =
on: 1829-07-11
at: Islington
Eliza Barwise
Born: 1804
Baptised: 1804-03-16
Died: 1840 (aged 36 years)
Buried: Sydney
Children:   |

Born: 183x
George John Barwise
Born: 1830-08-15
Died: 1884-12-15
Fanny Matilda
Born: 1838-01-03
Died: 1900
Edward Darwin
Born: 1841-05-21
Baptised: 1850-11-27
Died: 1916

Further information for George Weller.

Birth place: Amersham
Profession: Merchant Trader, Landowner.
Domiciles: Sydney & West Maitland.


George emigrated from Folkestone to New South Wales. He arrived in March 1826, and was later joined by his parents and siblings. He bought a 479 ton vessel, the Albion (previously owned by Captain Charles WELLER of Lewisham, Kent; no relation), and established a trading business between Hobart and Sydney. His brothers Joseph and Edward set up a whaling and trading station at Otago in New Zealand in 1831, and the three of them (or two, after Joseph`s death in 1835) ran a profitable, if perilous, business. They bought large tracts of New Zealand totalling over three million acres, from Maori, but when these land claims had to be approved by the Government after NZ became British in 1840, all were rejected. Large sums were spent on litigation, several of the Weller brothers` vessels were shipwrecked, and the agent who was supposed to be managing their land in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales was either incompetent or fraudulent, or both. Despite selling their Australian land, farm implements and livestock, and their ships and the establishment in Otago the two brothers were unable to save the business. It and they were declared bankrupt in April 1842 with debts of 28,700 and nil assets, but Certificates of Discharge from insolvency were issued just six months later. George moved to Maitland and after his father`s death in 1857 inherited about ten acres in the Hunter Valley and an acre on the north shore of Sydney Harbour. He died in East Maitland in 1875 aged 69.

Government Cottage, bought by George, was in King's Town.  His grant of 2,560 acres to the east of Cockle Creek which he called Hampton and their father's 2,560 acres called 'Amersham' are now the Newcastle suburbs of Argenton, Edgeworth, Glendale, Cardiff and Wallsend.

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Published by Malcolm Weller.