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Maurice Adams WELLER
Father: Stephen WELLER
Mother: Emma Jane ADAMS
Born: 1904-08-04
Died: 1972-12-23 (aged 68 years)
Buried: Died: Meadow View, Hightae, Lokerbie.
= Married  =
on: 1926-03-16
Alice Evelyn Sybil LEE
Father: Herbert LEE
Born: 1905-03-16
Died: 1975-06-01 (aged 70 years)
Children:   |
Born: 19xx
M B.
Born: 19xx
Born: 1937-06-04
Died: 2006-06-12
Born: 19xx

Further information for Maurice Adams WELLER.

Profession: Army Corporal. Post Office Clerk.
Domiciles: Revolution House, Chesterfield. Whittington Moor. 17 Bismarckring, Wiesbaden, Germany. East Knighton. Bovington. Baslow. Ceylon. Catterick. USA. Stirling, Scotland


MauriceWeller@1944.jpg (5611 bytes)
Maurice Weller, Montreal, February 1944.

[FROM Dianna] I remember this picture well. It WAS "Daddy" for me all through the war. I kissed the photo goodnight on my way to bed, every night. Barbara tells me he came home on visits. I recall one: I slept in a cot beside Mother's bed & awoke to see a man beside her. My brothers and sister came rushing in and clambered all over him. At length I climbed out of my cot and joined the fray only to be 'prickled' most painfully! As far as I recall I would have nothing more to do with stranger, telling my friends there was a German in our house! My next memory is years later when I was looking out the bedroom window most eagerly and hurtled through the bedroom door straight into the chest of drawers, smashing my doll's head against a drawer knob and running down in tears to be hugged by Dad and given a new doll. No German enemy this time. Just the Daddy I adored from that day on. Thank you for the memories. A lovely photo. Best Dad in the world.[DIANNA]

AliceWeller@1944.jpg (4328 bytes)
Alice Evelyn Sybil Weller, 1944
MauriceWeller@1924.jpg (6242 bytes)
Maurice and Lalla, about 1924
AliceWeller@1924.jpg (7973 bytes)
MauriceWeller@~192x(1).jpg (26703 bytes) MauriceWeller@~192x(2).jpg (11939 bytes)
MauriceWeller@~192x(3).jpg (11348 bytes) MauriceWeller@1923.jpg (6571 bytes)
SiblingsOfStephen&EmmaWeller@1918.jpg (10028 bytes)
Arthur, Maurice
Joyce, EmmaJane (Mother), Cyril
At Whittlington Moor, 1918
Joyce&RalphWeller@1913.jpg (13544 bytes)
Joyce and Ralph, 19134



Arthur&Cylil&Mourice@~1907.jpg (12174 bytes)

Arthur, Cyril & Maurice,1907-8

MauriceWeller@1904.jpg (9983 bytes)

Maurice, 1904

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