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Christopher Harold WELLER
Father: Edward WELLER
Mother: Edith Emma AYLWARD
Born: 1879-04-18
Died: 1960-03-08 (aged 80 years)
= Married  =
on: 1924-01-03
at: Longstone, Derbyshire.
Born: 1892-04-17
Died: 1952-04-02 (aged 59 years)
Buried: After the funeral service at Gedling she was interred at Upper Broughton.
Children:   |
John Christopher
Born: 1925-03-31
Died: 2008-10-08
J A.
Born: 19xx
Mary Parlane
Born: 1927-12-10
Died: 1988-02-24
R M.
Born: 19xx
Richard Morton
Born: 1933-10-17
Died: 2012-12-31

Further information for Christopher Harold WELLER.

Birth place: Amersham
Profession: Clergyman
Domiciles: Gt. Longstone & Nottingham. UK.


After graduating at Cambridge (Selwyn College) in June 1901 he became assistant schoolmaster at Crewkerne Grammar School. After two years he was ordained by the first Bishop of Southwell to a curacy at Heanor, Derbyshire (then in the Southwell Diocese). From 1903-1910 he served under the Rector, Claude Corfield. During the greater part of that period he was curate-in-charge of Marlpool, and during this period the church of All Saints

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