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NameDate of birthBirth place DomicilesProfessionDiedDied at loctionBio
Ebenezer Thomas Weller 1857 Princes RisboroughEmigrated to Australia.
Edith Weller 1872-11-17 Berrick Salome, Oxfo Yes
Edith Weller 1901 Burlington New Jersey, USA. Principal of St. Mar 1981 Yes
Edith Emma Aylward 1851 CheshamBrighton, Bedford, & Gt.Longst 1929-12-17Gt. Longstone Yes
Edith Gertrude Waghorn 1877 Caulfield, Victoria,
Edith Louise Weller 1878
Edith Margaret Weller 1875-12-04 Aberdovey then Hastings. 1953-11-29Her Spiritualist Healing Home in Hastings. Yes
Edith Mary Michell 1907 1981
Edith Mary Dorothy Gill 1903 Hastings 1962
Edmund Alderson Sandford Fawcett 1868-04-27 Coleshill House, Coleshill, Am Engineer for Amersha 1938-04-01 Yes
Edward Weller 1843-08-08 Blackwell Hall, Amersham, Buck Brewer & Farmer. 1890-06-10Brighton. Died of pneumonia. Yes
Edward Weller 1837 Penn, BucksKangaroo Ground, Vic Store & Innkeeper 1883-05-25Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia Yes
Edward Weller 1865 1942West Maitland Yes
Edward Weller 1814-07-06 FolkestoneFolkstone, England. Otago, New Whaler, Landowner. 1893-03-13West Maitland, Australia. Yes
Edward Weller 1790 Army Captain 1850-08-07Died in Turnham Green. Buried in St. Mary's, Amersham Yes
Edward Weller 1805 Penn 1826-12-23Penn churchyard. Yes
Edward Weller 1864-07-17 Queenstown. Victoria 1929-10-28Kangaroo Ground Cemetery Yes
E A Weller 190x Withheld
Edward Alexander Frank Weller 1917-10-18 Bedford Bedfordshire Commander, RN 1979Walsall
Edward Boyd Embleton Ellison 1930 2005
Edward Charles Johnston 1850-11-28 1913-01-25Marrickville, NSW
Edward Darwin Weller 1841-05-21 W MaitlandClarence Town Innkeeper 1916 Yes
Edward David Weller 1914-12-06 Heanor. 1917-01-11Selston.
Edward David Weller 1892 Kangaroo Ground, VicKangaroo Ground 1892Kangaroo Ground Yes
Edward James Waghorn 1860 Caulfield, Victoria,
Edward Patrick Hoult
Edward Pohau Ellison 1884-11-26 WaikanaeOtago, Niue, Chatham Is, Cook Medical Officer 1963-11-09Napier Yes
Edward William Morton Weller 1876-11-16 AmershamSchenectedy, New York. Clergyman 1947-07-25Schenectady Yes
Edwin Weller 1851-05-01 1851-08-01
Edwin Weller 1858 High Wycombe, Buckin'Langdale,' Priory Avenue, Hig Chair Manufacturer's Yes
E Wilkinson 194x
Eleanor Kathleen Allen
Eleanor Marie Maiti Harirota Ellison 1929 1997
Elisabeth Weller 1838 England
Elisabeth Weller 1800 1857-06-09Penn Yes
E A Weller 194x WithheldWithheld Withheld
Eliza Barwise 1804 DulwichAylesbury & Sydney 1840Sydney
Eliza Robb Hyman Yes
Elizabeth Weller Bap:1761-03-09
Elizabeth Hickman 1769 Daventry 1851-10-23St. Mary's, Amersham, England. Yes
Elizabeth Weller 1775 1835
Elizabeth Weller 1717-08-25
Elizabeth Shackell Penn 1847 Yes
Elizabeth Gilliat-Smith 1916-11-16 1980-01-16
Elizabeth Weller 1614-04-26
Elizabeth Sherriff Buckinghamshire, EngBuckinghamshire, England & Vic 1869-03-16 Brighton, Victoria. Yes
Elizabeth Weller 1661-03-16
Elizabeth Weller 1795 1795
Elizabeth Weller 1867-12-03 Kangaroo Ground. Vic 1956-03-15Melbourne General Cemetery Yes
Elizabeth Weller 1805 1810-10-26Amersham Yes
Elizabeth Botham 1843 Wexham Court, Buckin 1924-09-06“Belvedere”, Atawhai, (Wakapuaka) Nelson, NZ. Burial place: Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, NZ Yes
Elizabeth Weller 1839 Penn Buck 1934Yarra Glen Cemetery Yes
Elizabeth Fitch London
Elizabeth Johnson 1787 1834-11-19
Elizabeth Hutchings 1820
Elizabeth Ann Weller 1882 Newcastle,NSWMaitland 1962-11-27
Elizabeth Gow Baillie 1898-10-01 Rothsay, Glasgow, ScDunedin, New Zealand. Wanganui 1979-10-22Aramaho Cemetery, Wanganui, New Zealand Yes
Elizabeth Jane Weller 1816 Wycombe Marsh 1908 Yes
Elizabeth Myrtle Weller 1894 Kangaroo Ground, VicKangaroo Ground, Victoria, Aus
Elizabeth Rose Weller 1903
Elizabeth Sophia Weller 1868
Ellen Weller 1904-04-01 Montreal
Ellen Mary Schultze Wellington, New Zealand Yes
E Weller 190x
E McLeod 193x Withheld Yes
Elsie Rose Weller 1889 High Wycombe Yes
Elspeth Johnston 1868 Kangaroo Ground,Vitoria, Austr 1901-10-14Kangaroo Ground,Vitoria, Australia Yes
Elspeth Isabella Weller 1895 Eltham, Victoria, AuEltham, Victoria, Australia Kangaroo Ground, Vic
Elva Edith Victoria Worner
Elvira Mary Jean Weller 1908 Kangaroo Ground 1949-02-22Yarra Glen Cemetery Yes
Emily Channer 1825-07-22
Emily Weller 1875 Clarence Town 1875Clarence Town Yes
Emily Gildersleve 1876 1946-08-08 Yes
Emily Hunt 1795 1854
Emily Catherine Turner 1852 Weston Zoyland 1932
Emily Charlotte Isaacson
Emily Ellen Gorton 1861-06-18 Stroud, NSW 1882-05-31Stroud
Emily J Jones 1849-04-22 Little Gaddesden 1927-03-20Watford
Emily R Weller 1898
Emily Sophia Wippell 1861-03-17 Eltham, Victoria, Au 1932-08-16Kangaroo Ground Cemetery, Victoria, Australia. Yes
Emlin Harecott
Emma Channer 1819-01-20 1819
Emma Hiatt Spinster of the pari 1852-10-31
Emma Weller 1847-10-01
Emma Mealing 1822 1881
Emma Sallows Leyton, London, England. Clothing trade. Yes
E Lees 198x Withheld
Emma Jane Adams 1872-02-26 1937-02-17 Yes
E L A Scott 200x
E L A Scott 200x
Eric Carl Fawcett 1894
E P Weller 192x Withheld
E R Donald 194x Withheld
Eric Wilfred Taylor 1926-05-29 Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshir Electronics design e 2009-01-07 Yes
E T P Tamati 195x Withheld
Ernest P Weller 1895 Reading, Berkshire,
Ernestine May Hulbart 1952
E P Tamati 192x
E C Borden 201x
Ethel Weller 1877 High Wycombe Yes
Ethel Margaret McLeod 1925-03-18 1984-10-11Trinity Cemetery near Aberdeen Beach Yes
Ethel May HOWELL
Eugene Diethelm
Eva Gertrude Weller 1874
E T R Wrathall 195x
Evelyn Jessie Weller 1913-10-13 Turakina, Wanganui, 1914Turakina, Wanganui, New Zealand
Evelyn Kathleen Mary Weller 1870 Hambledon, Surrey, E 1922-03-28Died: Wakapuaka, New Zealand. Buried: Nelson, New Zealand.
Evelyne Weller 1877-11-13 Berrick Salome, OxfoDulwich, London, England Yes

Published by Malcolm Weller.