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Stephen WELLER
Father: Stephen WELLER
Mother: Sarah BRION
Born: 1844-12-27
Died: 1916 (aged 71 years)
Buried: Chesterfield
= Married  =
on: 1871
Died: 1893
= Married (2) =
on: 1903
at: married in 1903 (the 3rd Quarter)
Emma Jane ADAMS
Father: Samuel ADAMS
Mother: Priscilla UNDERWOOD
Born: 1872-02-26
Died: 1937-02-17 (aged 64 years)
Children:   |
William Stephen
Born: 1872
Died: 1918-07-21
Born: 1874
Died: 1875
Born: 1875
Died: 1876
Born: 1877
Born: 1878
Born: 1880
Died: 1950
Born: 1881
Victor Gladstone
Born: 1882
Kate Dora
Born: 1886
Died: 1948
Elsie Rose
Born: 1889
Born: 1891
Maurice Adams
Born: 1904-08-04
Died: 1972-12-23
Arthur Brion
Born: 1906
Died: 1995-06-01
Cyril Haddon
Born: 1907
Died: 1998
Born: 1908
Died: 1995-01-02
Ralph Oswald
Born: 1910
Died: 2003-08-12

Further information for Stephen WELLER.

Birth place: High Wycombe


StephenWeller(1844)@1910.jpg (11228 bytes)
Stephen Weller. Taken July 1910

EmmaJane nee Adams.jpg (7831 bytes)
Emma Jane nee Adams.

StephenWeller(1844)1.jpg (8790 bytes)
Stephen Weller (1844-1916)

EmmaJaneAdams@~1892.jpg (10523 bytes)
Emma Jane. Taken about 1892

StephenWeller(1844)2.jpg (13483 bytes)
Stephen Weller

EmmaJaneAdams@~1930.jpg (8643 bytes)
Emma Jane. Taken about 1930-1935

Stephen&EmmaWeller.jpg (16448 bytes)
High Wycombe Borough Council members, officials,
wives and uniformed mace bearers on an outing.
Stephen Weller was a councillor from 1904-1908.

EmmaJA&JoyceW@1908.jpg (7473 bytes)
Emma Jane and daughter Joyce

Hilda,Ethel&ElsieWeller.jpg (6802 bytes)
Hilda, Elsie & Ethel Weller

Joyce&RalphWeller@1913.jpg (13544 bytes)
Joyce and Ralph. About 1913

MauriceWeller@1904.jpg (9983 bytes)
Maurice. Taken 1904

JoyceWeller(2).jpg (6661 bytes)

Arthur&Cylil&Mourice@~1907.jpg (12174 bytes)
Arthur, Cyril and Maurice. Taken 1907-8.

SiblingsOfStephen&EmmaWeller@1918.jpg (10028 bytes)
Arthur, Maurice
Joyce, EmmaJane (Mother), Cyril
At Whittlington Moor, 1918

Ethel(Langley).jpg (2131 bytes) GeorgeLangley.jpg (2253 bytes)
Ethel (Weller) and George Langley.

HildaWeller.jpg (1653 bytes) KateWeller.jpg (1722 bytes) ElsieRoseWeller.jpg (1518 bytes)
Hilda, Kate and Elsie.

Elsie&JossWhite,Ethel&GeorgeLangley.jpg (13202 bytes)
Elsie & Joss White, Ethel & George Langley

Stephanie&mother.jpg (6378 bytes)
Elsie (Weller) White
and daughter Stephanie.

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